Monthly racing competitions

The May 2019 competition runs from Friday 3 May 2019 to Sunday 5 May 2019 with selections needed for Chepstow on Friday and Newmarket on Saturday and Sunday.

Send one selection for each race each day.

This is the fifth leg of the Order of Merit for 2019.

The prizes for the May competition 2019 are below:-

1st - A copy of the Timeform flat horses to follow PLUS Wales Racing Club membership for 2020 or a £25 donation to Bridie's chosen charity {see the Charity bets page on}.

2nd - A 6 month subscription to the Classic Club or membership to the Wales Racing Club for 2020 or a £15 donation to Bridie's chosen charity {see the Charity bets page on}.

3rd - A Wales Racing Club mug or membership of the Wales Racing Club for 2020 or a £10 donation to Bridie's chosen charity {see the Charity bets page on}.

Basic rules
Send a selection for each race at the selected meeting which is treated as a £10 WIN selection. The entrant with the largest profit or smallest loss {if no-one is in profit} is the winner.

E-mail your selections to be at

Full Rules
1. You need to send selections for each race of the designated meeting before the start of the first race each day and each is treated as having £10 win staked on it.

2. The winner of the competition is the entrant with the largest profit (or smallest loss if no-one is in profit) over the length of the competition.

3. If your selection does not run, it will transfer to the favourite for that race. If there are joint favourites, it will go to the one with the lowest racecard number.


4. If you send selections for the wrong meeting they will all be treated as losers.

5. In the event of a tie for 1st place, those tying will have a Playoff against each other at a meeting on the following day of the competition.

Please send your selections in a line as shown below, no need to put the times. I can then copy and paste onto the page.

April 2019 Competition - Final standings {Order of Merit points in brackets}

+£222.50 Ryan Weller {25}

+£190.00 Michael's Kings {20}

+£170.00 Darren Hughes {16}

+£167.50 Rob Scarlett {14}

+£160.00 Harry Winston {12}

+£140.00 Ricky Morgan {10}

+£55.50 Crottly {8}

+£42.50 Alun Dalwood {6}

+£20.00 Sunny Donny {4}

-£25.00 Ross Thomson {2}

-£40.00 Eddie Lewis
-£40.00 Phillip Russell

-£45.00 John Titley

-£50.00 Elitecaf

-£55.00 Perrie

-£57.50 Colin Malone

-£60.00 Martyn Jenkins

-£62.50 Mike Tromans

-£67.50 Paul Halliwell
-£67.50 John Moore

-£70.00 Valkyrie

-£75.00 Sue Francis

-£80.00 Peter Hemingway

-£87.50 Buffton Trufton

-£90.00 Gary Bryan

-£92.50 Maurice Jones

-£110.00 Andy Johnson

-£120.00 Martyn Brown
-£120.00 Tia

-£122.50 PFNADEN

-£125.00 Marlene Harris-Jones

-£127.50 Pauline Lancaster

-£137.50 TC

-£140.00 Catherine Lewis
-£140.00 Dave Bates
-£140.00 John Hayman

-£172.50 J.R.
-£172.50 Ian Hazell

-£177.50 John Drury
-£177.50 Tony Roberts
-£177.50 Master Gambler

-£210.00 Mark Francis
-£210.00 Dante







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